CSC Early Intervention Team helps students overcome obstacles

When we hear the word “intervention,” what comes to mind? Most likely the dramatic and increasingly popular reality show on A&E.

                This show displays intervention for the most extreme scenarios; eating disorders, drug addictions and family violence.

                These televised issues may seem so far away, so distant, that they are easy to ignore. We see something horrific on TV and then go back to our daily routines.

                However, there are people with similar struggles suffering in silence right here on campus, and for them, there is nothing distant about these struggles.

                Enter the Early Intervention Team, a group of eight administrators from across campus who created the program to help students overcome obstacles that may be harming their chances of success here at Castleton.

                And think beyond drug and other substance abuse; this program goes much deeper than that. It can assist students who are struggling financially, emotionally, socially or simply having a hard time adjusting to a new life in college.

                Dean Jonathan Spiro was one of the founders of the program.

                “It’s crucial to identify struggling students as early as possible in order to help them explore solutions to their difficulties,” Spiro said.

                Most think that this is a great program to offer on campus. Usually, a student must acknowledge and address a personal issue alone. But now, we have professors, students and faculty looking out for each other and offering a way to get professional help.

                Although some may feel as though this is an invasion of privacy, all the services offered are confidential and no judgment is passed. Sure, it can be difficult and even embarrassing to admit that you need help; who wants to leave home and gain independence just to turn around and seek guidance?

                But you know what, EVERYONE needs help once in a while; whether it is a tutor to help you through intro to Spanish or a counselor to help you deal with the winter blues…asking for help should never bring shame.

                So next time you’re tempted to have one more drink, or if opening that chemistry book makes you want to sob…you don’t have to look far to find the help you’re reading to accept.

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