Anti-bullying club starts on campus

Bullying is a huge issue, not only in schools, but in all of society. It is all over the national news right now and has been proved to cause serious psychological harm to the victims.

But there’s one Castleton State College student who has decided not to take it anymore.

            His name is Brian Ward and he’s passionate about stopping bullying. After going through the Student Government Association and gaining a ton of support, he founded the Anti-Bullying Club and serves as club president.

            Bullying has affected Brian since he was a kid, which iswhy he decided to take a stand. He said he really wants to help kids who get bullied around campus.

            “Our ultimate goal is to create events on campus to spread awareness of bullying,” Ward said.

            And his efforts seem to be working, having already signed up 67 club members.

            They plan to create a student support network for kids who are bullied on campus. They would be able to talk to other students and get help, he said.

            Some students around campus are somewhat skeptical.

            “Bullying is a big problem, but I don’t think it can be solved easily,” saidjuniorEmily Brookman.           

            But other students, like sophomoreBrian Bird, area little more hopeful and think this club canlead to good things.

            “It makes you feel worthless,” said Bird when asked about his experiences with bullying.

            He said he thinks the student support network would be very good for students.

            “It’s a great idea. They’d be able to talk to someone they feel safe with,” Bird said.

            Spreading awareness is important, club members say. They say there are students who are against bullying, but aren’t sure what they can do about it. The Anti-Bullying Club,they hope, will helpshow students that there is a lot that can be done.

            For more information on how you can get involved, check your E-mail for messages from Brian Ward.

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