Freshman column: winter blues

One thing I can personally say I enjoy about winter is the snow, that is when I can go sledding or snowmobiling. The cold weather is something you learn to get used to, especially when you live in or around Vermont.   However, when you have to trudge through the wet, snow-covered sidewalks of college campus, it becomes something you dread.

Not long ago I sat and waited for the horrible storm that the weathermen called  “Nemo.” I was banking on the fact that classes would get cancelled the next day, but sure enough I found myself freezing on my way to classes. Those are the days everyone wishes summer were here already.

Looking around the campus, it seems as though everyone has a case of the “winter blues.” In every class you here people sniffling or coughing because of a cold, and then eventually everyone is sick. Nobody wants to go outside because it is way too cold and they have no energy or motivation to do much of anything either.

Whenever there has been a warm day here and there you see people everywhere, taking full advantage of the nice weather. It will be so much nicer when I can walk to class without putting a ton of layers on.

We all know that along with the cold weather come unhealthy eating habits. Unfortunately, it seems that for most of the time spent at college the weather is chilly. My goal when entering college was to not gain the “freshman 15.” This goal doesn’t seem very difficult, but there are only so many healthy choices you can make in a dining hall.

The way I am avoiding the “freshman 15” is by going to Al workouts three times a week like the rest of the sports players, and also going to the gym every day. After a while you have to literally drag yourself out of bed to workout early in the morning, but by the end of the day your glad you got it over with.

Looking on the bright side, we have another break ahead of us and before long it’ll be finals time.

 Then what every one has been waiting for will finally arrive. Let summertime begin!

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