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Facebook is a social network, a way to keep in touch with friends, a way to communicate, a way to find long lost family, a way to procrastinate all homework assignments and a way to brighten someone’s day.

You may be wondering about this last one. How can it boost someone’s day? Yes, you may have 30 people like your status or someone comment on your newly-posted selfie. You may even get a friend request from the highly attractive person you met on Saturday night. These are all things that put a smile on your face when you hop on Facebook instead of doing the 20-page paper that’s due tomorrow.  

            However, lately, there’s been a new way to express your thoughts to anonymously make someone’s day 100 times better. It’s the Castleton Compliments page on Facebook.

It works is like this: you have something nice to say to a person, but for some reason you don’t want to say it to their face. You send it, along with the person’s name in a message to Castleton Compliments. The creator of the page takes it from there, posting your kind words and tagging your friend in it.

            This initiative began at Queen’s University and aims to spread happiness and joy. This social project has received lots of positive feedback around Castleton. If you’re super shy or just don’t feel like telling the person to their face, it’s a great way to compliment someone without them knowing who it came from.

            Along with this type of thoughtful initiative comes people who think they’re funny and can make a joke of it. They try to be sarcastic by sending in rude and negative comments. To all you practical jokers, the joke’s on you this time. The site specifically says that hateful remarks will be completely disregarded. So if you think you’re begin funny by sending an offensive message, think again. You’ll only look like an ignorant idiot.   

            The goal of this page is to bring happiness to a place where many people get made fun of. With all the new technology and social networks, cyber bullying has become one of the biggest issues among young adults these days. This social project aims to fight against online bullies and prove that people still have nice things to say to one another. It’s a great thing for this campus to take part in so keep sending in your compliments and looking to see if someone said something nice about you too.

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