Music review: Half-time show with Beyonce

 After a much needed break, it’s time again for some new music reviews. I thought I would start with the Beyoncé’s half time show.

I thought that the show was a big letdown.  

I’m not a big fan of Beyoncé’s music or the genre she sings, but don’t get me wrong she’s one hell of a singer.

Her performance, however, was weak and flashy.

 At first I thought the show was going to be good because of the light show and how lively the crowd was.

But, as soon as she started to sing, things just got bad. The lifting platform for an entrance wasn’t that impressive. She then started to sing and then stopped to do a little striptease, which wasn’t shocking or provocative at all.

When she stopped to have the guitars player’s pyrotechnics to go off, it seemed like an attempt to distract viewers away from Beyoncé’s lack of singing. The backup singers sounded better than she did.

Then things got worse.

When Destiny’s Child came onto the stage, I thought that the show would get better.

But no, it turned into bigger crap. 

After the show was over I was relieved that I didn’t have to bear with any more of that hell. For those of you who liked the half time show, I will not judge you or think less of you.

I just felt like Beyoncé could have done a lot better.

The power outage was nearly more exciting.

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