FAC Presents Third Annual Honors Festival

A variety of musical pieces were performed at the FAC on Jan. 25 in Casella Theater at the Third Annual Honors Festival.

Beautiful melodies were both sung and rehearsed tirelessly throughout the day by a selection of choir and band students from 17 high schools all over Vermont.

The students arrived early in the morning and were given until 7 p.m. to learn and rehearse several songs that were later performed for various parents and community members. Despite the long hours, it was clear the students enjoyed themselves and had a true passion for the musical arts.

 For Otter Valley Union High’s senior Elyas O’Classen, this was her second year performing in the festival.

“Last year made me want to come back. Every year is different,” she said.

O’Classen has been playing the oboe for nine years and said his interest in music “just kinda happened.”

Caitlin Long, also a senior, was the only student from her school, South Burlington High, and was excited to get on the stage and perform for everyone. She said that her favorite piece to play was the “Irish Rhapsody.”

The students were very professional and well guided through the events of the day thanks in large part to the coordination efforts of Castleton’s Music department.

 Castleton sophomore Cassie Papandrea said she loves the annual event.

“It’s a great chance for students to come have fun, meet new people, and work with a new conductor,” she said.

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