Clearing things up about the Spartan Spy Twitter account

On behalf of the Spartan staff we think it’s time to clear the air about the Spartan Spy. The guessing game column was started as a fun, entertaining way to talk about what really goes on behind closed doors here at the Castle.

However, it has recently been turned into something much worse.

A FAKE Twitter account has been set up posing as the actual Spartan Spy. Let’s take a moment to emphasize the word FAKE. The newspaper is in no way affiliated with @SpartanSpy.

Whoever chose to make up this account is ruining the fun for everyone else and basically just needs to get a life. Initials of students are being listed under categories such as “players” and “hoes.” Oh and of course my favorite, which has not been ‘released’ yet, the “bitches” and “dickheads” category.

The REAL Spartan Spy doesn’t use names, doesn’t use derogatory words to describe people and certainly doesn’t try to bribe people into following them (how many of you actually got Fireside points for following this account? Don’t you feel stupid?)

It was also brought to our attention that people on campus are distancing their association with The Spartan newspaper because of The Spartan Spy. A Castleton staff member actually refused to be a part of a regular newspaper article citing the last Spartan Spy column.

I guess we question that and hope others don’t follow suit. Does the Spartan Spy column undo all of the positive and informative work the Spartan does, like stories about political views, a sponsored skooter rider and student government association efforts? We hope not.? 

We, on the newspaper staff understand that some of the Spartan Spy’s revelations may have struck a nerve,but really guys, don’t air your dirty laundry or put yourself in those situationsfor the whole campus to see then.

If people chose to do more productive things instead of flashing people at parties, fighting and making a mess out of a town we all call home, then perhaps the spy would run out of things to write about.

I must say, however, that one good thing has come out of all this. All of you party-goers seem to have toned it down a notch, perhaps for fear of being exposed?

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