Ghost walks on campus

Although inclement weather caused community advisors in Babcock, Wheeler, and the Houses to postpone their ghost tours of the campus an extra night, Saturday Oct. 20 wound up being the perfect night for a spooky walk around campus.

After a brief but intense storm passed through campus earlier in the day, campus was dark. Wet leaves plastered the sidewalks and the moon was barely peeking out from behind the clouds. Combined with the occasional gust of wind, the scene was set for a night of horror at Castleton State College.

The ghost tours departed from the main entrance to Wheeler Hall. Donned in green glow sticks, Community Advisors Marissa Francis and Katie Curler were welcoming guests.

“Think Ellis is the only place that is haunted on the campus? Think again! Come and join us on a walk of mystery — and truth!” said Francis as she greeted the first group of students.

Have you ever noticed the shoes that are hanging in the trees outside of Morrill and Wheeler? If you had gone on the tour, you would have been told that they belonged to a student who lived on the fourth floor of Wheeler who fell off of the balcony after a night of celebrating with friends. 

All of you living in Hoff Hall think that you are safe in a new building? Wrong! According to the tour guides, the mysterious death of an electrician who was involved in the construction of the building is the cause of many residents often smelling smoke throughout the building. Students on the tours were holding each other’s arms, listening intently as the guides spoke with flashlights illuminating their faces.

The tour also reminded students of the well known ghost of Ellis, Penelope, as well as stories of strange occurrences in Adams, Haskell, Babcock, and the old art house. As more information was shared, tension filled the air. Students living in Haskell Hall were noticeably shaken when they heard stories of what happens in there. Cassie Pinaire, resident and CA of Haskell, shrieked “The elevator always moves by itself!”

The ghost tours were a part of residence life’s Programming Palooza Week. Starting on Oct. 17, there were a variety of events including a Halloween Bash in the Castleton Hall multipurpose room. Guests enjoyed a night of snacks, dancing, and even a costume contest! For all of the students who enjoy Harry Potter, Thursday night a game of Quidditch was played in the gym! All of these events, as well as a few others, were well attended and enjoyed by many.  Be sure to keep an eye out for posters, emails, and other means of information sharing for even more upcoming events on campus!

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