Music review: Man Overboard

Hello readers. I’m back with another band to add to your music bucket list. This week I’m talking about the pop punk band Man Overboard.

I discovered this band from a friend of mine, and I fell in love with them immediately. Man Overboard just makes me feel so alive and energetic.

The band has amazing vocals, rocking guitars, some good solid bass and crazy good drums. For a sampling of what I’m talking about, I suggest the album “Real Talk.”

I love that album so much that it’s hard for me to only suggest one song. If I had to, though, it would be “Montrose” because that song just makes me think of about how just seeing someone we loved can make you remember all the good times — and all the bad times.

But if you want more gentle songs, I have just what you are looking for. The song “Dear You” is a nice acoustic song about trying to make things right with a past love that you want to be back with.

Another nice acoustic song is “Dylan’s Song.” To me, that song is about how sometimes letting go of someone is the best thing you can do to help yourself.

Last but not least is the song “Decemberism.” To me this is a song about young love and reconnecting during the holidays. I hope you will enjoy Man Overboard like I do. Next issue’s column will cover  Florence and the Machines, a band that blends great vocal harmonies and reminds me of older bands like the Supremesand the Beatles.  


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