What is that thing?

It’s old. It’s rusty.It’s from a different world.

At least that’s what students are saying when describing that weird looking sculpture sitting in front of the Castleton State College Campus Center.

“I don’t know what it is, is it a sundial?” said a confused lookingAllie Dwinell, when asked forher thoughts on the sculpture.

But she is not the only student to look perplexed when asked the same question.Student after student walking by this sculpture recently all had the same confused, but kind of interested look on their face.

This mysterious sculpture has been sitting here for years, yet few seem to know what it is.

“It’s art! You need to feel it!” said an enthusiastic Andrew Nevins when it was his turn to respond.

The Mandala II, as it’s called, was given to the college as a gift from Fred and Jennifer Bagley in the fall of 2010. Wanting to see more public art displayed around campus, Jennifer and Fred found the Mandala II at Carving Studio in West Rutland. The sculpture was designed and created by, Paul Calter, a Vermont resident and a VTC professor.

“We liked the materials, marble and steel, its permanence, the fact that it is perfectly balanced and impervious to the elements and that it moves,” said Jennifer Bagley when describing the Mandala II.

It also has designs etched into the steel and the marble that makes itdifferent from other sculptures in what Jennifer called the “Mandala concept.”

Butthis is no fancy, off-limits art sculpture.  Bagley encourages visitors to go up to the Mandala II and take it for a spin. 



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