Talkin’ Beatles

Music is always around us. Where ever we go, music fallows us. Many of us can’t live without it, be it through speakers in a car or ear buds in our ears.  
Through this column, I wish to share my wide pallet of music with you and I hope you at least experience the sound of it once. I hope to create a music bucket list for my readers and classmates.
And first up on anybody’s music bucket list should be The Beatles. Most people have heard of the band and at least a song or two. Many people like them, many don’t.
In my opinion, those who don’t like The Beatles are missing out on one the best bands of all time.
A major factor as to why I like them so much is because they have a song for every kind of mood you can be in. For me, when I’m really happy, I love to listen to the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ or ‘Penny Lane.’
Those songs make think of all the good times I’ve had and it boosts my good mood. When I’m feeling sad or heartbroken, I might listen to songs like ‘Yesterday,’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps,’ and ‘Hello Goodbye.’ They just speak to my heart and help me cope with what I’m going through.  
But one of my favorite songs by The Beatles would have to be ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ No matter how I feel or how my day is going, that song just makes everything better for me.
I hope someone will relate to me on this. Tune in next issue when I talk about Motown, which has been ringing out in my house a lot recently.

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