SGA denies hockey funds

The Student Government Association has kicked off the semester with some great new ideas for projects, improvement for campus and insights into the future of our own Castleton State College.

                In setting the tone for club spending for the semester, and ultimately the year, the SGA has declined the hockey team’s request for funds to help support its trip to Europe. After debate over NCAA standards, it was decided that to avoid penalties from the organization, the SGA would not allot the funds.

                “Anything like that would require them to forfeit games and they play on the national stage,” said Alyssa Leonard, an SGA delegate member. “It could really affect their record and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.”

                Melissa Paradee reiterated this message.

“The associate academic dean has suggested the SGA stay away from athletics,” she said.

 She added that the dean wasn’t dictating SGA funds, but that there were concerns regarding NCAA eligibility and possible sanctions if the money was granted. Another concern was that of gender equity in giving to this and other teams as well. Dean JonathanSpiro, who made the determination, couldn’t be reached for comment.

                This decision by the SGA, however, does not seem to affect some of the other spending for teams. In striking down the hockey team funds, the SGA did offer some support to other teams, though the distinction seems to be the difference between club and team sports.  The women’s club rugby team has been granted funds to get new jerseys to the tune of nearly $1,500. The distinction here is that the SGA technically owns these and that the club teams are only responsible for making sure the attire is returned, said SGA President Mike Shalginewicz

                “The way it’s written,” said Shalginewicz, “our constitution says we will pay for the costs 100 percent for team jerseys, but that the jerseys have to be returned at the end of the season.”

                “My sister plays on the team,” said Alex Davis, the new SGA program advisor. “She got smashed in the face at a game and after her teammates made sure she was alright, they had to ask her for her shirt. This isn’t a luxury problem for this club.”

                In other SGA news, four new justices and three new at-large members were nominated and approved for College Court.  Pat Riley, Ben Pierce, Andrea Cohen and Dan Rivers will join the ranks of College Court as new justices. Justin Derosier, Andrew Lavesque, and David Silverman will come on as at-large members.

                In addition to these new faces in the College Court, the SGA expressed their enthusiasm for the forming of the new Castleton Plan. The college will start holding focus groups for students, faculty and staff alike to discuss the new direction of the school.

                “I think it’s a great idea to have these plans and goals put in place,” said Shalginewicz, “I think direction is especially important for a large institution and it’s great to think that these focus groups will help shape what happens next.”

                The SGA also announced plans to provide a quarter machine for laundry, add lights on the volleyball court, renovate Brough Pond behind the houses, add more gazebos and more picnic tables and possibly create a gender neutral suite.

The meeting time for Student Government Association is Wednesday at 5:15 pm. These are open to the campus for input for those interested.


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