Review – Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution is the equivalent of a hot person with no personality. Everything looks great and you have fun at first, but then reality comes in like a tsunami crushing everything in its path. If you enjoy action horror movies that do not have a lot of substance, than this movie should please you.
It is almost entirely all action with a plot that really only acts as a way of bridging one sequence to the next. As the fifth movie in the series, it largely follows the same premise as the last four movies. Also of note, the movies share very little outside of characters with the games they are based on.
An evil company called the umbrella corporation released a medicine that ended up turning people into zombies. A rag-tag group of fighters, led by a woman named Alice, try to shut down the corporation and stop them from causing more harm to the world. By this point in the series you have to wonder just how long this can keep going for.
However, if you were hoping for a swift nearly painless finish, you will be horribly disappointed. Over the course of the roughly two-hour movie, the plot advances so little, you could literally summarize it in a sentence. More characters are introduced and many are killed off. They even try to introduce some heartwarming moments, but  they fall so flat you should save your money and do something else.
Literally anything, just name something randomly and it would probably be a better idea.
This is not to completely crush the movie, because it did have its moments. It is well filmed and the action sequences are very good from a technical standpoint. However it is just so hard to get over the terrible plot that it just makes everything hard to watch, every second spent in an action sequence is another moment when nothing relatively important happens.
Oh and in case you were wondering, there will definitely be a sixth movie in the series.

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