Nice to meet you: Giovanni Salazar

Q: What brought you to Castleton State?
A. “My eagerness to teach my own language and my own culture. I want to share it all with the students who want to learn about it.”
Q: What’s your favorite part about Castleton?
A: “People are so friendly, reliable, and patient. They take their time to listen to me because I need some time for thinking aloud for what I’m going to say. People are wonderful!”

Q: Describe your duties here.
A: “Basically, I teach Spanish. I tutor students and help them to brush up on their skills, conversation and their grammar.”

Q: What is your goal here?
A: “To help people to improve and to help myself to improve, Also to get knowledge and to share my knowledge and to join two different cultures.”

Q: What was most shocking about arriving in Castleton?
A: “I haven’t had something shocking, yet. I don’t think I’ll have anything shocking because one of the requirements for this program is to be flexible and I’m a quite flexible person.”

Q: What do you miss the most about home?
A: “My family, and friends.”

Q: What do you think of the Spanish program here?
A: “I think that it’s an ideal environment because when a student comes here to the department with me and the other professors, they have to think in Spanish and we have our cultural backgrounds and they have to understand our backgrounds and they have to express the way we do. “

Q: Think back a year ago, where did you think you would be by this time now?
A: “Of course, I knew I would be here. One year ago, I made my decision that I was going to go to Castleton State College. I had to begin to study English.”

Q: Are you happy with where you are in life now?
A: “Yes, I’m trilled!”

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job?
A: “I am sharing with people. I’m talking to people all the time. I’m giving people skills for them to be better. “

Q: What’s your least favorite?
A: “I wish I had more time to talk and give the students the confidence they need.”

Q: What’s your lifelong dream?
A: “To be with people that I love and to have my basic necessities covered.”

Q: What’s your hobby outside of work?
A: “I like sports like riding bicycles and soccer. I also like to read and learn languages.”

Q: How has this experience changed you for the better
A: “I realized that I’m flexible because here, everything is so different. So that’s an important change for me.”

Q: How has this experience changed you for the worst?
A: “Nothing. Everything is perfect here. I don’t have complaints.”

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