Women’s Tennis 1-0 in NEAC

The women’s tennis team starts off their season at 2-2, in most recent play, going 1-1 in Maine falling to the University of Southern Maine then defeated Thomas on the following day.

            On the first day of play, Castleton was defeated 6-3 by the University of Southern Maine. CSC’s Olga McIntyre fell to USM’s Mary Moran. Teammate Felicia West fell to Emily Boutin. Castleton’s Lauren Fedorka fell to Courtney Aldrich, and Meghan Susslin went three rounds but was defeated by USM’s Monique Giroux.

            Castleton’s Chelsea Crehan defeated her opponent Molly Morrill, while her teammate Sara Novenstern defeated Christine Savage.

            Spartan doubles team Olga McIntyre/Felicia West was defeated by USM’s Mary Moran/Emily Boutin. Southern Maine’s Courtney Aldrich/Molly Morrill defeated CSC’s Chelsea Crehan/Meghan Susslin. Lauren Fedorka/Sara Novenstein defeated USM’s Monique Giroux/Christine Savage.

            The following day, Castleton came out on top by defeated Thomas. In single play, McIntyre was shut out by opponent Jessica Bowen. West fell to Dalia Williams after three rounds, while teammates Fedorka, Crehan, Susslin and Novenstein all came out on top.

            In doubles competition, CSC’s McIntyre/West was shut out by Bowen/Tyler Ventura, while teammates Crehan/Susslin defeated Williams/Sarah Marckoon, and Fedorka/Novenstein defeated Emily Howard/Meghan Keene.

            The Spartans improve to 2-2, and are now 1-0 in the NEAC. On September 12ththey travel to Plymouth State and are back home on September 15thfor NEAC play against Johnson State at 1 p.m.

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