Spartans roll over Plymouth, fall to Endicott

On Saturday, September 1st, the Castleton State football team began their season against Plymouth State, who they’ve never beaten before. The Spartans routed them 35-7.

Shane Brozowski and Kevin Alberque were the stars of the day, Brozowski finding Alberque three times in the end zone. Led by these two Castleton’s offense mounted 400 yards and four touchdowns through the air. Castleton’s defense was the story of the day though allowing only 33 passing yards and creating five turnovers. It was clear that this game was a team victory.
          After the game Coach Marc Klatt said how proud he was of the effort his team put in. He feels as though this year the players are really putting forth their maximum effort and really ratcheting up the intensity.         

“We really executed our game plan we had going in,” he spoke. “This most certainly a team effort and not an individual one.” 
           He attributed Brozowski and Alberque’s connections in the game to the depth at the wide receiver position. 
           “We have a lot of talent at that position and it is hard for teams to focus on just one or two players. [Brozowski] has looked the best I’ve ever seen him and he had a great training camp,” said Klatt, “when defenses focus on his top one or two guys that leaves another man open and in this game that was Kevin [Alberque].”
          Castleton’s high flying offense wasted no time scoring in 1:04, 1:29, 1:58, 1:27, and :42. On defense Brandon Bergeron had two interceptions while Cody Tancreti had one.

“Well it was just a great all around performance in my opinion. That was the best that I have seen our team come together as a whole and execute all of the little things to make the big plays happen,” Kevin Alberque said after the big game.
          The Spartan’s took on Endicott Saturday, September 8th. Before the game coach Klatt admitted his team would have to be ready for a challenge, but felt they were up for the task. 
           However the Spartans fell to Endicott 66-14. Endicott, who forced five turnovers, left Castleton scoreless in the last 53 minutes of play.

 The offense turned the ball over a total of six times on five interceptions and a fumble. The defense had their backs to the wall all game due to the turnovers and could not stop Endicott’s red-hot offense.

In the beginning, Endicott’s Jason Silva intercepted the first pass attempt by Brozowski, and led to a 17-yard touchdown pass to teammate Mike Murphy.

Shortly after, the Spartans came back with Brozowski who led the Spartans 63 yards with 11 plays for a touchdown pass to teammate Denny Wilhelm. After recovering a fumble on the kick-off, Castleton’s Brandon Boyle received a pass from five yards out by teammate Brozowski, giving them the 14-7 lead. However, the Spartans couldn’t hold the lead.

Endicott’s Mike Wheeler scored the second rushing touchdown of the game, and this started Endicott’s run against the Spartans.

CSC’s Brozowski finished 25-for-44 on the game with two touchdowns, and career high five interceptions.

Endicott’s Drew Frenette was 12-for-20 for 204 yards and four touchdowns, while Wheeler had 154 yards and three touchdowns on 19 carries in the game.

This brought the Spartan’s record down to 1-1, which is their first time since it’s inaugural season in 2009 starting off their season with a win.

The team will be back in action at home next Saturday, September 15th against Rennselaer at 1pm. 

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