SGA approves budget, plans semester

The new semester brings new leadership, new ideas and new challenges for the Student Government Association.

            Picking up from where they left off last semester in terms of ideas and tasks, the most looming is still the finalization of the SGA handbook. The lengthy process will continue into the semester with no definite finalization date.

            In other SGA updates, the newly seated group is more than enthusiastic to start improvements around campus, draw more students into their organization and to continue the work of student body they represent.

            Although the first meeting of the semester was more about tying up loose ends, deciding a regular meeting date and setting the agenda for the rest of the semester, some real work was also taken care of – like that of passing a $395,000 budget.

            The budget, which provides funds for things like clubs, teams, SafeRide, sustainability on campus and the Campus Activities Board, was passed easily with little debate or discussion.

            “We’ve increased the budget in some places…and this doesn’t even include our overflow from what’s remaining from last year,”SGA President Mike Shalginewicz told members.

            This kind of money means more campus improvements, bigger events and new excitement. The SGA is hoping to increase the number of events both on and off campus, as well as bringing in bigger musical names and more variety.

In addition, they’ve made it clear that clubs and a more campus involvement will be their focus.

“I really want to focus on advertising and that kind of thing. If we do all of these new things and no one knows than there’s no point…I really want to focus on publicity,”says Vice President Corrie Keener.           

            Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and are generally open to students, faculty and staff unless otherwise noted.

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