Secrets to staying in love

Ever wondered why it seems like some couples never have any issues? They just seem to float through the storms that knock other couples under the current.
Well, tomorrow you can find out how those infamous “perfect couples” keep it together.
“Learn the Secrets to Staying in Love” is an event held by the Wellness Center and CHANGE initiative that will feature a panel of five diverse couples from around campus, that are in healthy relationships.
Both people in the couple will take turns answering questions about their relationship, how they handle issues, and other fun questions like “if you wrote a book about you as a couple, what would the title be?” There will also be an opportunity to have the panel answer your questions.
“Some questions might have two very different answers,” said CHANGE Coordinator Amy Bremel.
Wellness Center Director Martha Coulter will be the moderator for the evening.
“Students come up to us and say they don’t have relationship role models. We want them to have those role models and know they can learn how to [stay in a loving, healthy relationship],” said Coulter.
The event is aimed at not only learning how couples stay in love year after year, but also how to manage conflicts in relationships.
“It doesn’t matter what relationship it is, there’s going to be conflict,” said Bremel.
Learn the Secrets to Staying in Love will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Huden’s Alumni room and refreshments will be served.

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