Freshman Column

Lack of sleep, headaches, and stress: the painful signs that finals are just around the corner. Get ready freshman class of 2015, our first year of college is coming to a close. It’s time to finish this chapter, sharpen our pencil, and start a new one.
Come fall 2012, we will be sophomores and so many doors and new opportunities will be available. Hey! We’re not the last to register for classes anymore! We know how things around here work and we get the chance to guide and help the new freshman.
Say goodbye to introduction classes and be prepared and ready to kick it up a notch. Next year will bring us more challenges, obstacles, and wait for it… more homework, but that’s okay, we’ll just put our Sparty hat on and conquer all that is thrown at us.
As for the soundings, we’ll have to start paying for them, but that won’t stop us from going to see another amazing performance like A Winter’s Tale, or Chicago. Or those other events that either makes one’s foot tap or mind ponder.
And lucky for us, we got to experience the staff that decided to leave after this year at least once. Who will ever forget Hank Vaughan’s amazing pit band in Chicago? As sad as we’ll be to say goodbye, these staff members are leaving on a good note and know that they will always be part of the Castleton family and that they will be missed greatly.
As happy as we are that our freshman year is finally over and that we no longer have to wake up to make it to an 8 A.M class, we only have three months off until we’re put back to hard work. So study for those finals then enjoy the hopefully warm and stress-free summer.

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