Student’s art displayed in Campus Center

The walls in the Campus Center solarium are lined with artwork from the students in the professional studio art class for the first time in Castleton history.

Art exhibits have always been done in the Fine Arts Center or the library before professor Shelley Warren thought it would be more beneficial for all students to experience the pieces in a more public setting.

“I hope we start a new trend. Students should be able to exhibit art in the ‘student center’. It gives other students the opportunity to enjoy the work,” Warren said.

The studio art class students are really proud of their work.

“I’m glad to be painting,” said Peter Franzoni, one of the artists.

He then went on to explain the details a particular piece and its meaning.

“The painting on the left is a depiction of the last 8 years in the middle east and the pointlessness and severity of war. Our money could’ve been spent better than killing millions of Iraqis,” said Franzoni.

Another unique piece of work was a fish made of blunt wraps titled Culture Shock.

“Our generation would recognize it, our parents wouldn’t recognize it and that’s why I called it culture shock,” said artist Sarah Kramer.

Artist Gina Isabelle’s different techniques really stood out. She described the unique materials used to make the three sequined, colored fish and glitter lung piece.

“I really like the tool affect because it gives it transparency,” said Isabelle.

Art student Chelsea Wilberg talked about two pieces of work she had on display. One of the pieces was a self-portrait and the other was a rainbow with large dots which could be raindrops or snowflakes, “however the viewer wanted to look at it.”

“The dots are up for interpretation,” said Wilberg.

Warren was pleased with the work of the students and the cooperation from the school in letting the display take place.

“Student life was very supportive and we are very thankful they allowed us to use the space,” said Warren.


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