Riquelme named as new tech. director

As one well respected technical exits, a new leader takes center stage. After stepping down as Technical Director of Castleton Services, Chad Voghell has passed on the throne to Castleton senior Louis Riquelme.  

The technical theater and design major, who has been Voghell’s assistant for the past three years, took over the position just a few weeks ago and will fill the position until the fall semester.  

Only a few weeks into his new position Riquelme already feels confident that he can do all that is required of him on top of finishing up his senior year.  

He spends most of his days answering emails, working with clients who would like to utilize the Fine Arts Center Area and assisting them with any technical needs.

“I’m 23 and have my own office and crew,” said Riquelme.

“I came in as a freshman wanting to do theatre and now I help run the place!” said Riquelme.

Though the role is only temporary and the college will hire a new full time Technical Director to start off the 2012-’13 school year, Riquelme is proud to be taking the place of his mentor Voghell.

 “Chad did amazing and wonderful things here and all I can do is strive to be just as good,” said Riquelme, adding that he doesn’t plan on trying to be just like Voghell, but will do his job while bringing his own personality to the table.

Voghell has extreme confidence in Riquelme’s abilities to take over and personally recommended him for the job.  After working closely together for several years Voghell feels the Riquelme is well qualified for the position and has a rare drive to succeed in the business.  

“I would show him something at work, then he would go home and research more then come in with questions the next day,” said Voghell.  “It was exciting teaching him.”

Junior John Lucas, who is also a theatre and design major, has taken on the Assistant Technical Director position and will be working along with Riquelme to make sure all events are thoroughly covered and run smoothly.  

The two are longtime friends and are focused and motivated when it comes to getting their jobs done.  

“Theatre is my passion and this department in particular is professional and tight knit,” said Lucas, adding that the staff and crew work great together like a well-oiled machine.  

The technical crew has adjusted well to the new changes in management and plans on finishing the year out strong with their last few events.  

“It was hard to lose Chad,” said Amberly Soto, a member of the Technical Services Crew, “But Lou has definitely stepped up to the plate.”

Soto thinks that Riquelme and Lucas make a powerful supervisor team and will continue to work together effectively to get things done and still maintain a close friendship with the crew.

 “It can be hard to be the boss of folks who were your equals just a few weeks ago,” said Voghell explaining that that transition from crew member to management will be one of the biggest challenges Riquelme will face during his time as director and also one that he himself faced back in ’99 when he took the position.  But he is confident in his team to function as needed.

Though Riquelme admits it has been a little difficult to separate his social and work life these days since he is so close to all the crewmembers outside of school, he feels that he has earned their respect and foresees no issues.

After he finishes up his contract in September he plans on getting some professional experience by joining a traveling show, such as Disney on Ice, and tour internationally as part of their technical crew.  After working hands on for a couple years he wishes to broaden his knowledge by attend grad school.  

Voghell wishes the very best for Riquelme and is confident that he will flourish as Technical Director, as well as anything he takes on after leaving Castleton.

“He is very smart and learns things very quickly,” said Voghell.  “I have no doubt he will be successful no matter what he does.”


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