A student’s search for Sasquatch

It was Easter Sunday and I was on top of Birdseye Mountain with only my iPhone and a video camera. I had managed to get separated from the rest of the group – while searching for Sasquatch.

My roommate and his sister decided to stay below the peak, and when I went back to meet up with them I ended on a snowmobile trail on the other side of the mountain with no way to find them.

I did the only thing that made sense, asked “Siri” where I was and headed to the sound of cars.

The whole time I was walking back, I thought about how the person who gets separated from the group always finds Sasquatch, only to be believed by no one. It happens all the time and thought it was really going to happen to me.

With that in mind, I was all excited to see one. There have been rumored sightings in the area and the Discovery Channel show “Finding Bigfoot” is even coming to the area to investigate. Every rock, every tree, everything on that mountain was scoured to see if it was Sasquatch.

Later, I found out jokes were made at my expense, one of which was that I died and they would hear a cannon and see my face in the sky. My roommate’s stepdad said I looked like Bill Murray in “Stripes” running off through the woods. They wanted to leave me, but I had something valuable. No not my life, just their video camera.

I saw a lot of things in the woods that day, but sadly Sasquatch was one of them.

I found Rt. 4 though, and headed up it trying to find the side road where we parked. It was about a half mile up and finally I met up with the group.

It was a nice end to Spring break, maybe not the way I envisioned, but good nonetheless. Oh and we plan to go back, but next time it will be an overnight trip. After all, everyone knows Sasquatch is nocturnal.


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