Students take advantage of early spring

With days this past week averaging about 70 degrees most, students and teachers have been spotted outside taking full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Whether it be students playing Frisbee near the library or lounging around in bathing suits in front of Huden, spring fever has hit the Castleton campus. 

Senior Anthony Simms spent his days hanging out at the double-wide behind the school playing Wiffleball and throwing a football around with friends. He has no complaints about the early spring.

Though he feels that skipping class is like “watching hundreds of dollars go out the window” he admits that this week he chose lying on the lawn getting some sun over sitting in a classroom for three hours.  As someone who loves being outside, he finds it hard to sit in class and listen to other people outside enjoying the heat. 

“It’s a combination of good weather and Senioritis kicking in making it hard for me to stay focused and motivated,” Simms said.

Senior Annie Hartman is also excited about the early spring weather.

“Every moment I’m not in class or at work I’m outside working on my tan,” said Hartman, who also bragged that she has already been golfing, which isn’t very common in Vermont for this time of year.

Despite spring fever, class attendance has not yet been heavily affected.

“Most of my professors seemed a little shocked this week to have so many students in class,” said Hartman adding that regardless of the beautiful weather she hasn’t noticed a huge  number of students skipping class. 

The college’s outdoor classroom, and picnic and gazebo area, have been heavily utilized this week by teachers and students itching to soak up some rays and benefit from some time learning outside the classroom walls.

Shun-Yao Chang suggested his Chinese II class spend their 50 minutes learning in the sunshine.  Though it was a little windy students still preferred the change of scenery. 

 “It was one of my best Chinese classes,” said student and media center employee Sarah Backus, who explained that being in an open space made it easier for her class to interact for their role-playing activity. 

Castleton Professor Judith Robinson treated her Global Economic students to a class discussion outside this past Friday.

“The students really appreciate it,” said Robinson, adding that the class worked well outside. Students remained focused despite the many distractions.  “I admit I enjoy it too.”

With an avid love for the outdoors and gardening, Robinson embraced the weather and will continue to use the outdoor classroom when class and weather permits.

 “There are a lot of years where we don’t have a lot of nice days,” she said. “If there’s space I see no problem with going outside.”

As an economics teacher Robinson, like many others, is worried about the unusual climate changes that have occurred this year. However, she is planning on take full advantage of the warm weather while it’s here, as does Hartman.

“It’s difficult to describe the emotion that spring in Vermont brings out in people,” said Hartman.  “Even with such a mild winter, I think everyone is relieved to be out in sandals again.”


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