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Congratulations to both the men’s lacrosse team and the softball team on grabbing their first wins of the season.

The men’s lacrosse team had started out 0-4, but got its first victory in a NAC match-up with a win over Johnson State. The Spartan’s defense seems to be taking form as of late, allowing just 17 shots on goal against Johnson State. Their offense is on fire, scoring 30 total goals in two games. It also does not hurt to have a freshman, Zach Davidson, being named NAC Rookie of the Week two weeks in a row. Davidson leads the team with 16 goals on the season.

The softball team also started out without a win, until last Saturday. The Spartans lost their first game 5-0 against Skidmore, but showed up to play in game two, winning of the season 7-2. Freshman catcher Stephanie Sylvester produced well offensively for the Spartans in the second game as she went 2-for-2 with four runs batted in. NAC play begins on March 31 for the Spartans, and they look to keep building off of that win against Skidmore.

There is one thing to mention.

What is with the lack of student support at home games?

Sure maybe you have something to do like homework or a job or you just are not around, but students should not just show up only for playoff games. For example, on March 17, everyone decided to party all day for St. Patrick’s Day, but no one seemed to want to come show some support for the men’s lacrosse game against Plymouth State. Sure some students showed up, but there is no reason that the stands cannot be packed with students, cheering on our athletes. Show some Spartan Pride and start filling up those seats in the stands.

Also, this was a while ago, but there was no cheering for the Spartans during the Castleton vs. Norwich game on February 11. The only time the Spartan crowd cheered was when we scored a goal. If you did not notice, the Norwich crowd was always trying to cheer on their team and they ended up winning. Our crowd sat back and never really tried to get our boys going. Basically, we all need to step it up when it comes to cheering for our athletes.

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