Would You Run For President?

It’s election season and Americans are being barraged with news of Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul battling it for the right to face President Obama.

But just think about it for a second. Would you ever want to run for president?                             

If your peers are any indication, the answer is probably not.                                                                                         

Out of 17 students and faculty asked that question, only three said yes.

That is just a little under 18 percent.

The office of president in the United States is one of the most highly regarded positions in the entire world, so why wouldn’t those in the  Castleton State College community want that power?

Well for most, the job just seems to daunting  and for lots of reasons.

“I don’t think I could deal with it,” said Matt Messier, as he leaned back in his chair pondering the question.

Other students, like Ben Pearce, agree.

“It would be too stressful,” he said.

Even Castleton history professor Adam Chill said he wouldn’t want the nation’s top job.

“So much of private life is on display,” he said adding that he feels people might have a “disillusion with being president.” said Chill. He said, while laughing, that he wouldn’t run because he loves his job here at Castleton too much.

But not everyone was quick to dismiss the possibility of being president. Some said they’d be happy to run the country.

“I feel like I could do some good,” said Jacob Woodward.

And then there is Tim Mackintosh, who friends say has a goal to one day be president.

“Our country needs someone who really does care about the American people,” Mackintosh said.

He said he could make unbiased decisions because he is a “man of integrity.”

Maybe one of these Castleton students will run someday, but for now, Americans are left with Romney and the gang fighting for the right to battle Obama.

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