Sex & The Spartan: Everyone Does It

“Everyone Does it”


College is defined by sexual tension. The large majority of us have sex, love sex, or have walked in on our roommates having sex. So why don’t we just talk about it? At Castleton, learning doesn’t happen just in class… it happens in the library…or the gym… or the bedroom. Our generation is sex- and this is Sex and the Spartan– MAE


Not everyone does it, but I’m pretty sure everyone thinks about it. You, your roommates, friends, teachers, parents… They have sex. With Cosmo, Playboy, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, and the endless availability of online porn, sex is everywhere. So why is Castleton not talking about it?

Here at the Spartan, I want to encourage an open dialogue about the thing that is invading our culture (And no, not Twilight!). We have sex. We like sex. Let’s be real, sex feels good. So why are we so afraid to say it?

Sex & the Spartan is meant to be an open and responsible environment to share the ins and outs of sex, in and out of the sheets. My hope is that through sharing my personal stories (and some equally entertaining ones of the people in my life whom you will never know), I can educate, inform, and promote safe, but fun sexual interactions because, just like many of you, I like sex.

So while you won’t hear about the sex we all know happens in those little side rooms upstairs in the library or how you may or may not have met your last one night stand at the Dog, you will hear about some experiences with “classcest” (meeting someone hot in class), my own attitudinal changes towards walks of shame, how I think virgins are some of the coolest people in the world, and just why you would never think the girl walking in front of you is a “freak.”


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