Alumnus returns to library

The first thing most Castleton students do when they first walk into the library is look to their immediate left to see what student’s are working. Nowadays, when you glance over, you’ll see a young man sporting a tight buzz cut with a band of sharks circling his large bicep.

His name is Zachary Wiessner, and chances are his face is familiar.

Wiessner was employed at the library for the duration of his Castleton career, where he studied communications with a concentration in public relations. He graduated from Castleton last May and secured himself a seasonal job.

“I was working seasonally and they wanted me to become an executive manager because I had my degree. It was something I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure,” he said.

Wiessner, a New Jersey native, recently secured himself a full-time job at the Calvin Coolidge Memorial library.

“Ginger called me and was like ‘hey, you wanna come back?'” he said.

Wiessner was getting ready to move out of his apartment when the phone call came, so the librarian’s offer came at an opportune time.

“Instead of moving two towns over, I moved two states over,” Wiesnner said laughing.

While at Castleton, Wiessner enjoyed being a part of the library family.

“I liked it when I was there. I like my co-workers cause they’re mostly students and I love my bosses,” he said.

Like every other Castleton student, he graduated and moved onto bigger things, but the library was always at the back of his mind.

“When I left, I wondered if they were gonna call me back for a job or something,” he said.

Wiessner is happy with his position now and enjoys seeing the familiar faces walk in and out of the library. He admits there are some pitfalls to the job, and he gladly admits he doesn’t work weekends.

Next time you’re in the library, make sure you say hi to Zach!

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