Review: Star Wars The Old Republic

While not a true sequel, this game is a spiritual successor to the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games for Xbox. 

One major difference though is that The Old Republic is a massive multiplayer-online role playing game.  If you ever wished to play the Xbox games with your friends, or assume the persona of your favorite Star Wars character then this is your game. 

From experience, playing with friends is very satisfying, since you get separate classes and abilities to use.  My character is a Jedi knight, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, and my roommate is a smuggler, like Han Solo, so we enjoy pretending to being those characters and making the choices they would make. 

If you don’t have friends to group with, have no fear.  The game plays surprisingly well for a solo player, since the story is different for each class of character. 

There are four separate classes for each side, empire or republic.  You can even be a good or bad character no matter which side, such as a dark Jedi or a light Sith. 

The story is outstanding, as to be expected from any Bioware game and that is what pulls you into the game, allowing you to visit planets from the movies such as Tatooine or Hoth.

You get a separate story for each class, with each side also having a different story, so if you are a fan of the story or games with a high replay value, you get eight separate stories. 

It makes you love to complete quests and get to the next part of the story.  The graphics are not the best, but there are worse out there, and combat is fairly simplistic, especially for a beginner. 

Pros: story, combat, playing with friends. Cons: Internet: if your connection is bad, good luck playing, glitches periodically.  Overall a 4 out of 5, very fun, but just lacking in a few areas that stops it from getting a 5.

-Josh Bassett

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