One Giant parade

All of New York City was blanketed in Giants blue as massive amounts of people gathered in the streets during the team’s Super Bowl parade last on Feb. 7.

It was an exciting day to be Giants fans like Castleton State College students Kevin Alberque, Ryan Stanek and Stew Quinn, who drove down the day before the parade and stayed at the Alberque residence.

 Giants apparel smothered the streets of New York and when asked what it was like entering the city, Quinn said, “Everything turned blue.”

“[The] most epic day of my life,” Quinn said.

The Castleton students said people were going insane and almost getting into fist fights just to get into better spots to see their favorite Giants players.

“People were crowd surfing, chanting and climbing telephone poles, he said.

Quinn described it as being crazy, chaotic and exciting all at the same time. To him, the players are more than just people playing a sport, they’re more like “super heroes.”

Alberque said the city on that Tuesday was “nothing but red, white, and blue,” and it was if the entire city was on hold for the Giants.

“Cops blocked off every street, except for the first and last,” he said.

Stanek is a Dolphins fan, but even so, he said seeing the parade was a “once if a lifetime chance.”

After the parade, the students went over to Giants Stadium, where they met up with two other Castleton State College football players, Matthew Callanan and Stephen Vitale. They had missed the parade

 Although Vitale said he has been to the city many times, this time was different.

“I felt the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in the city,” he said.

 A special moment for Vitale was when the fans joined in singing happy birthday to Giants player Justin Tuck’s son at Giants Stadium.

“Made me feel like I was a part of the New York Giants family,” he said.

He said he was also very moved by the speech Giants owner Pat Mara gave.

“I couldn’t help but shed a tear,” Vitale said.

Callanan, who also missed the parade, found some of the Giants fans really entertaining.

“Three kids were jumping up and down on a car and got arrested,” he said.

Quinn had such a good time, he even took a souvenir home with him.

“I took three pieces of confetti I’ll keep forever,” he said. “I’ll never forget this day.”

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