Morning Comes Early is a balancing act

Picture standing at a concert, it doesn’t matter who’s performing. The vibration of the ground pulsing into each and every fan’s veins, the aura of excitement filling the air, sweat trickling down the lead singer’s face, and best of all, the adrenaline rush.

Luckily for Morning Comes Early, this is a recurring event.

“Morning Comes Early is a Pop Punk band. We play music that’s fast and catchy. It’s just the most fun genre I can imagine playing, and I’ve been playing and listening to this stuff since I was a little kid,” said lead singer Patrick Infurna. They may put on an astounding show and get their fans going crazy, but there’s more to them than just their sound.

Being a band and actually making music can be a phenomenal feeling, but what’s the point in being in a band if the only people listening are the band members? Gigs, shows, and concerts don’t just set themselves up. 

“Gigs are set up either by us, or we are asked to play by other bands or the venue that is throwing the show. We then have to check everyone’s schedules to make sure everyone can play. Only after then will we agree to play,” said guitar player, Jeff Bruce.

Wait, that’s not the only thing. Not only do they have to organize rehearsal times and set up gigs, but they also have to get their schoolwork done and keep on top of their grades. Three of the band members are currently attending Castleton.

“My major is music education. I chose this route for the thought that maybe one day I could influence a kid’s life in such a way that they’d want to form a band, or go professional, or even become a music teacher like me,” Bruce added.

However, not all of the members are music majors. Take lead singer, Infurna, for example.

“My major is history because, I’m not sure, I enjoy studying history and I’d like to pursue some kind of career in it,” he said.

Balancing between grades, gigs, and rehearsals can be a lot, but one question that may pop up is where did the name Morning Comes Early come from?

“It’s really a funny story. We were in high school and our friends mom used to yell it at us when we were out too late during the summer, I’m not really sure how it got associated with our band, but it was just something that made us laugh,” Infurna chimed in with a smile on his face.

Music can be a wonderful path for those who put their hearts into it. Composing and writing, however can be a tad difficult, especially for those who are new to the music world.

 “There are usually past events or stuff going on in our lives that make it easy to write songs about them. And if it’s one thing our band stood for, it’s friendship, and how important it is to keep your loved ones close to you. We write about real things that go on in each of our personal lives, and we feel like we are close enough to our fans to be able to share our hurt, our struggle, and our happiness with them,” said, David Atkins, guitarist and back-up vocalist.

Starting a band can be a hassle. Everyone needs to get along and agree with all rehearsal times, gig dates, and style of music. However, they also need to have a personality that says, “Don’t be afraid to approach me” at their shows. Scaring away new fans isn’t exactly the best way to go. Take their number one fan Cooper Babbitt from Rutland. He’s been to more shows than he can count and he doesn’t see himself stopping.

“My favorite part would have to be piling on to sing along. There’s nothing better than jumping on a crowd of people to sing along to a great band. I think Pile-ons and stage dives are pretty unique to hardcore, and pop punk especially. It changes the atmosphere from being a band playing to you, to the band and crowd being one and connecting through their passions for music and the meanings behind it,” Babbitt said.

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