Judith Carruthers to retire

After 12 years of dedicated work to Castleton State College, Career Development Director Judith Carruthers announced last week that she intends to retire at the end of this semester.

Carruthers said she made the push to retire after hearing news of her second grandchild to be born in July, and wanting to return to her home in Ottawa to spend more time with her family.

“Well, it’ll be quieter on campus at least,” said Carruthers jokingly. Carruthers is renowned amongst both students and faculty as having one of the most active voices on campus with near daily e-mails sent out to inform about career opportunities and career development events.

Colleague and friend Crispin White has worked with Carruthers in Career development during her time at Caslteon and says having her go will be a loss for the school.

“She brings so much energy to Castleton and its students,” said White. “But she’s on her way to a wonderful new chapter of her life.”

Carruthers and White are also known for their publication of The Outhouse Gazette, a “magazine” posted in campus bathrooms featuring career advice.

“She’s been wonderful in every way,” says Castleton President Dave Wolk. “No one has been more students oriented on campus then she’s been. She opens door for students, as hers always is, to new opportunities.”

Wolk also noted how the regular career fairs held on campus that have been organized by Carruthers have been a model for other colleges and schools with career development.

Carruthers graduated from Concordia University in 1983 with a Bachelors Associate degree in English Literature, and again in 1986 from Carleton University with a Masters in English Literature.

But she says that she wouldn’t have been able to make it as far as she has without the help of one particular person.

“I didn’t pursue education till I was 31,” she said. “I worked at a building where a retired military guy named Mac checked parking passes. I saw him every day and he encouraged me to go to school and get a good career.”

In addition to working for CSC, Carruthers is also an accomplished artist having illustrated several children’s books with a contract to complete four more books in the works. For her return to Ottawa her family is building her an art studio within their home to continue illustrating.

Additionally she plans to teach English as a second language and work closely with the local colleges in Canada.

Carruthers says that as of now the Career Development Center is at its peak with more interns than ever before. With a struggling economy, Carruthers hopes that her replacement is someone with the energy and motivation to keep the program moving.

But above all else, she said that it is most important to remember that opportunity is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

“Everyone on this campus is a career advisor,” she said. “From the custodians to the president.”

A celebration is scheduled to be held later this semester for Judith and her contributions to the Castleton community.


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