Where did the waffles go?

Students at Castleton State College have been wondering what happened to the popular waffle maker in Huden Dining Hall?

Last year, the waffle maker was unveiled to students and available for use during all three meal periods. And it got used a lot. This year, however, it is only available during cafe hours in the afternoon and on weekends and students are bumming.

 “It’s a little disappointing” said senior Chris Fleury.

Sophomore Joe Beckert, who used the waffle maker often during meal times last year, is equally upset.

“I think they should have it available during meals. I loved using it last year. It was just another option to choose from,” he said.

Michael Williams, the man in charge of dining services at Huden, said the waffle maker could not meet the demand of the students during meal times, so it has been restricted to café hours and all three meal periods on the weekends.

He did say, however, that he has proposed the idea of getting a second waffle maker at some point in the future.

  But that can’t come soon enough for sophomore Casey Babcock, who misses the waffle option at meal times. 

“Get it back!” he said with a raised voice and his finger pointing for emphasis.

But not all students are upset at their restricted waffle intake.

Ryan Cave, a junior lacrosse player, has a bit of a love-hate relationship with the waffle maker.

 “I ate so many last year I could be sick!” Cave said.


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