Are we occupying the wrong place?

Seventeen million dollars for one event on one day, that was it.  To put that in a perspective, that is enough to pay tuition costs for every Castleton student this year — or real close to it.

Kim Kardashian was paid $17 million for allowing media coverage of her marriage to Kris Humphries, which lasted for 72 days.  It was a joyous day for Kim, as it would be for anyone earning $17 million on what should already be the best day of their life.

But it’s hard to fathom for most people, especially with the Occupy Wall Street movement going strong throughout the country and world. It’s a movement from the 99 percent of low- or middle-class citizens rebelling against the financial strength of the 1 percent of wealthy citizens – including those making million dollar bonuses on Wall Street. At least the executives work for a year and weren’t paid $17 million to wed. Like Lewis and Clark, look west.

Everyone is upset about the economic instability of America, but think about the disproportionate salaries in Hollywood, or New York. Kim is paid $17 million to get married; Alex Rodriguez gets $27.5 Million dollars to play baseball and Leonardo DiCaprio earned $77 Million dollars for his movies.

You cannot blame them for taking the money though, anyone would. If a news organization came to you and offered to pay you $17 million dollars to record your wedding and put it on TV and in magazines, you would accept it almost automatically. How about playing baseball for a few months and earning $25 million dollars? You would think it was probably the easiest money to earn in the face of the Earth.

Entertainment is a valuable part of America, but why should they earn so much more than the people they entertain, maybe they should be reminded who truly pays their salaries, the people who watch their movies.

The economic structure of America is so flawed, with such unequal salaries between people in America, it is no wonder people are angry.

Maybe we should leave Wall Street and go occupy the Kardashian household. At very least, America would get a show, just hopefully not one seen on E.


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