Pub night returns to Huden

Birthday cake, great music and a bar, how much better can it get? On Oct. 5 the Third Place group hosted their weekly pub night event to showcase Castleton talent. Students and faculty participated in the event which lasted four hours and was a huge success.

Jon White, one of the main organizers of pub night events, checked ID’s at the door. Underage students received an orange wrist band and of age students received a white one. The event brought in more underage students then of age students, which really proved that pub night is not  about drinking.

“Even though there’s not much alcohol being sold, pub night is a great idea,” said Jim Stuart, the bartender of the event and catering manager here at Castleton.

First to play was Keith Haley on bass and Jaren Carpenter singing as well as playing guitar.

“I’ve been playing music all my life but this was my first time playing a Pub Night,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter also said this was the most people he’s ever performed in front of and he was pleased with the turnout.

Other performers included Professors Philip Lamy and Brendan Lalor, and students Jordan Cottrell and Connor O’Brien, who all said they enjoyed the event and were ecstatic about the attendance.

“There was a lot of people here tonight, it was packed, people I’ve never seen before. For the first pub night, the turnout was excellent. It made me so happy to see that everyone enjoyed it,” said Jordan Cottrell.

The faculty was elated with the overall experience as well.

“I thought it was really great. Jonathan was definitely getting people involved and trying to promote other involvement. It was a great kick off and exceeded the number of people needed for an event like this,” said philosophy professor, Brendan Lalor.

To make the night even better, Jordan Cottrell celebrated his 20th birthday at the event. His friends made a Rasta colored cake and had the entire audience sing happy birthday. After they sung they proceeded to hand out slices of cake to all the attendee’s.

“It was spectacular. It was awesome, words cannot say. It definitely caught me off guard. I was expecting something but so many intricate details were played out,” said Jordan Cottrell when questioned about his birthday surprise.

His younger brother who was a first timer at pub night also enjoyed the festivities as well as the overall event.

“I think it was awesome. It was a great first experience. I got to see my brother play for the first time in front of a large crowd. I’ll definitely come back,” said Tyler Cottrell.

Comment cards were handed out during the event so students could voice their opinions. The cards read “it’s your campus, your choice. We want to know what you would like to see, featured bands, dance parties, poetry slams, open mic nights, or other.”

After reviewing the comments, White said that most people checked off that they wanted open mic nights and dance parties.

Everyone enjoyed their time at the event and the organizers were really happy that everything went better than expected, a total success.

To end the night properly student Ben Carstens said in a fake English accent, “it was a great night, an electrifying atmosphere.”

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