Students start sports show

Last spring senior Kyle Turner had the idea of creating a sports broadcasting show focusing on the college’s athletic teams.

His vision is now a reality.

Alongside co-host Hannah Messer, Turner is set to deliver scores, highlights, and other aspects of sporting events at Castleton on Spartan Sports Weekly. The show’s first meeting, held Sept. 15, drew a small crowd, but the few students involved spoke promisingly of the program’s potential.

“I want this to be something you can be proud of,” said senior Cameron Clark, who has partnered with Turner to create the broadcast.

How did Spartan Sports Weekly come about?

“Basically we were talking and we wanted to get a media club together. There’s the video magazine, but they don’t cover sports. So I figured why don’t we put together a sports show here and if the school wants to use it they can,” said Clark.

Turner and Clark share a love of sports, but some may be wondering how Messer got involved.

“I was at a Spartan meeting and Kyle pitched an idea for a sports show. Ultimately why I’m a communications major is because I want to be a sports TV analyst. I thought this was such a good opportunity and I had to take it,” said Messer.

The premier episode of Spartan Sports Weekly was filmed Sept. 21 and despite a rough start, the students pulled together for a successful first show. The main concern was getting their bearings together so they could be ready for the week to come at Castleton.

“There’s a lot homecoming weekend. We want to at least have something under our belt,” said Clark.

When asked what she’s looking forward to for next week’s show, Messer excitedly exclaimed, “I’m just happy I got through my first show!”

But just how much can be covered in a five minute program?

Turner assured the show is going to highlight what happened that week, as well as what is coming in the week ahead for Castleton athletics. This includes injuries, good plays, player profiles, and player of the week.  The broadcast also has its own Facebook page. 

Despite the things that went wrong pre-filming, the show features clips and commentary from men and women’s soccer, as well as field hockey and football. No one appreciated the dedication more than Turner himself, who returns with Messer to film the homecoming edition Wednesday.

“I want to thank everyone for sticking through this,” he said.

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