Students give the gift of life

Hospital beds, intervenes tubes and nurses are probably considered many people’s worst nightmare.

But on Monday, the 1787 room in the Castleton State College Campus Center was filled to the brim with students, despite the presence of all of the above.

This past week marked what Castleton Community Service Director Crispin White called a “Positive Flow.”

The Annual Red Cross Blood Drive gave Castleton students the opportunity to donate blood to help those in need – and there was no shortage of donors. 

“I have friends who are in need of blood, so helping out really makes me feel like I’m making a difference” said Caleigh Jones, a Castleton junior who has made six donations over the passed few years. 

On the bed next to Jones, fellow student Lauren Fedorka was also excited about donating.

“Even if you get a bruise, it’s still worth it” said Lauren Fedorka, a seasoned blood donor who spoke without even the smallest hint of discomfort as a needle was being slid into her arm.

Lindsay Kilday, a Castleton nursing student said she got involved with donating blood through Castleton’s nursing program last year.

“Nursing helped me realize a way to help people out and make a difference,” she said.

Although organizers were pleased with the turnout of donors, an exact tally of blood donated wasn’t known at press time.

“We are still waiting on the Red Cross for the exact number of pints,” said White. “(But) our goal of 79 pints is more than likely met.”

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