Einstein and Picasso Duo doesn’t disappoint

What would happen if Picasso met Einstein? Would there be sass, sex, surprise appearances or laughter from more than a hundred people? Short answer, yes.     

Castleton’s production of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” was comical to say the least with jokes about sex, time periods and life itself. It was also a bit risky with bras being thrown across stage and a student performer taking her shirt off on stage.

“I was nervous at first and was worried about the younger audience,” said Julie Banach, who played Suzanne and had to take her shirt off on stage.

Banach said that all she needed was some confidence to do it. She was also surprised at how receptive the audience was to everything that was going on.

Some people, however, didn’t seem to get it.     “I didn’t understand it,” said student Shea Hurd, frustrated and wondering how Elvis got on stage. “The only part I liked was the puppy.”

The dog that made a guest appearance is Sachi, owned by Mariko Hancock in the box office. Sachi was carried around stage by Robynn Stanley. Hancock agreed that it was strange to see her dog on stage because she is a house pet. But she was adorable and because she is a lap dog as long as she was held she doesn’t have any problems, Hancock said.      Even though Caitlin Lawlor couldn’t take her eyes off the dog, she she liked the show — and she understood it.

“My favorite part was Einstein because of his quirkiness and I understood what he was saying and that made it much more funny,” Lawlor said.      The show was still funny even for those in it who had seen countless times.

“It’s the only show I’ve been in that was still funny after 30 plus times of seeing it,” said Matthew Couture, who played Sagot the art dealer.      As much as Couture liked that it was still funny after so many takes, he was more satisfied that the audience enjoyed it.

“We’ve had three-hour rehearsals every night for weeks all for this hour and a half and at the final bow I knew it was worth it,” Couture said.


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