Me? A senior?

Wait I’m a what? No, no you must be mistaken. Freshman year feels like yesterday. I can’t be a senior.

    Starting school this year was a huge wake up call. I realized I had less than nine months to figure out what I am doing after graduation. Possibly even less time with people constantly asking me “what are you doing after you graduate.” Sometimes I feel like telling them I didn’t go to school for fortune telling therefore I have no idea.    Then I came the realization that soon I won’t have breaks every five weeks to do what I please, or even a summer break. We count down the days until we have a day off from school, but in the real world we won’t have that. If you are lucky, you get two weeks a year. We get that much at Castleton within two and a half months.

Senior year won’t be all bad though. Credit wise I do have the lightest load I have ever had, mostly because I started planning for senioritus my sophomore year by taking 18 credits every semester. On top of a light load, I got first pick on classes. Plus by senior year you know what professors you like and who to avoid for whatever reasons.    Even though I am not a huge drinker, senior year will involve my first Dog experience. I’ve been told my first Dog night is a must since I am finally 21. Judging by what I saw in Safe Ride last year, it is a fun place if you’re with the right people.

    As exciting as senior year is, I still like to look back at my freshman year with friends.

    We look back on the days when we had money in our wallets, and we stayed up late just because we could. Having the first day of school off made me realized how much I had changed.    My first snow day freshman year we slept in, played hide and seek in the dorms, and naturally did everything but homework because back then we believed in procrastination. But having the first day off this year I went out and filmed parts of Irene and edited the video for the Spartan online edition. I am still not sure how I went from procrastination to somewhat productive. Until I figure that out, I suppose I will just enjoy senior year before I leave in May.


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