Kudos to Pink in the Rink

The most important thing the women’s hockey team has done for the past two years is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. They started what will most likely become an annual tradition last year with the first Pink the Rink event, which helped raise more than $6,000 to fight breast cancer. It’s clear that this event is increasing in popularity and effectiveness. This year, it raised more than $7,000 for the cause.

Not only is the increased monetary income a testament to the success of this event, but so is the increased support from the college community. Last year, most of the funding came from Rutland Regional Medical Center, which sponsored the advertisements around the community.

This year, the nursing department at Castleton made 200 pink shirts to sell in support of the cause, which pulled in $600 to help the women’s hockey team. They also ran booths at the event where they sold hand-made winter goods including mittens and scarves.

Not only did the nursing staff pitch in, but the library staff also lent a helping hand. They used their own lunch breaks to finish a quilt that had been started by Karen Sanborn’s aunt, who died of breast cancer. They worked tirelessly right down to the wire, until the quilt was auctioned off at the game. They’re already working on another for next year.

This year was a promising follow-up to the fantastic initial idea. The increased involvement by the community leads to many interesting possibilities for future Pink the Rink events. Perhaps next year the student body could get even more involved in partnership with the nursing department and library staff, independently or otherwise.

If the event raised $6,000 the first year with little help from the extended college community and more than $7,000 the next year with more help from the nursing department and library staff, think how much more could be raised with help from the student body. So far it’s a metaphorical untapped resource, brimming with potential.

In the time before next year’s event, think of the ways you can help reach that potential. Get involved, talk to the library staff and anyone you know who was involved this year to try to find ways to further the cause. The students may be the most powerful part of this college and it’s always a good time to use that power to advance society.

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