Inexcusable behavior

On the afternoon of Oct. 9, the crowd at the homecoming football game contributed to a rather unique series of experiences. As written about in the last issue of The Spartan, some intoxicated fans gave president Wolk and two public safety officers a particularly hard time.Complete details on the event can be found in the last issue of the paper. The main areas of interest at this point are that the three fans were completely drunk at just after 1 p.m., and that they got hostile with president Wolk.

Now, it was reported that all the young men involved blew over a .20 BAC after the incident. Some people may say that they were so intoxicated that they weren’t even aware of what they were doing. We at The Spartan feel like it is ridiculous to use that as a justification, especially with the incident taking place just after midday.

How belligerently drunk do you have to be to start harassing the president of the college? It’s one slightly more excusable thing to start badgering other fans in the stands, which inevitably comes along with the spirit of the sport. This is nothing like that though; the incident started with the badgering of the president of the college and led to the involvement of public safety officers, one of whom needed stitches and the other needed to forcefully subdue a man.

Along with that, rumors and some firsthand reports say that one of the men actually took a swing at president Wolk. While no one has been able to definitively confirm or deny this, the number of individuals who claim its legitimacy is startling. This adds to the question of how incredibly intoxicated someone has to be to reach this state of idiocy.

Tailgating is one of the traditions of football. It’s about barbecue, socializing and sure sometimes breaking out a few beers to share. It’s almost inevitable that at least a few drunken fans slip into the stadium despite the best efforts at the gate. That being said, the aforementioned fans should be able to control themselves like the adults they are. There is no excuse for the behavior that took place outside the stadium, regardless of the time of day. The fact it was just after noon simply makes it worse.

It is startling to us that incidents such as these are taking place in only our second season of football here at Castleton, and like Wolk, we too hope that there will not be any repeat performances any time soon.

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