Library thefts

Vicky Barry was casually doing her homework in a library cubicle when she realized she needed to print some research articles. Not really thinking about it, she got up and left her belongings. When she returned she instantly began to pack up, but before she left she realized that something was different.
Her phone was missing.
"I was confused at first and thought it was in my bag," Barry said. "When I realized it was gone, I was pissed."
For the past month, many things have been stolen from the Calvin Coolidge Library.  Recently, the library retaliated and put signs up that read, 'Attention.  There have been reports of theft. Don't leave personal belongings – including textbooks -unattended.'

Barry said it's ridiculous to have to worry about possessions being stolen in the library.
"I've been at this school for five years and not once have I had this problem," Barry said.
Dean of Students Dennis Proulx mirrored her sentiments and shock.
"The American Library system is such a symbol of trust and community," Proulx said.
For longtime Librarian Sandy Duling, the recent thefts were troubling.
"Libraries operate on trust," Duling said.
But Duling and others said the thefts won't stop the library from being there for the students in need.
"We have not closed the gap. We still want to be a lending property," Proulx said. "We can't close the doors."
But library staffers are now strongly encouraging students and faculty keep an eye on their belongings.
According to the new Public Safety Director Keith Molinari, a crime can't happen unless there is a motive and an opportunity.     

"We can't control motive, but a victim can control opportunity," Molinari said.
However, Molinari is not surprised about the theft of textbooks.
"It's not new to the academic environment. It's a common theft and it's an easy target. Like leaving a ten or twenty dollar bill on the table," Molinari said.


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