Comic Colin Ryan makes finances funny

The audience couldn’t stop laughing on April 23 in Herrick auditorium. What were they laughing about, you may ask?


Yeah, not the answer you expected.

Comedian and speaker Colin Ryan presented his program "A Comedian’s Guide to Money" to a small audience, making finances funny.
 The audience learned many lessons from "Don’t take your pants off at airport security" to "get a credit card so you can build your credit score."

Through a mixture of stories and facts, Ryan introduced the audience to the importance of saving their money so that they can buy time. The comedian says this was his secret to following his dream and making money while doing it.

Ryan’s best advice to students? "Pick a goal and save towards it." He informed the audience that it’s all about choices. You need to identify your spending weaknesses in order to budget and save.

Going out to eat is expensive, but for $10 you can get 22 PBJ sandwiches, 12 spaghetti dinners, or 44 bowls of cream- of-wheat. Also, there is nothing wrong with your flip phone old iPod nano, but perceived obsolesce, the idea that your older items are useless, makes consumers believe that they need to spend their money on the newest items.

Ryan also made it clear that society is obsessed with becoming millionaires but not about staying millionaires. Less than 75% of millionaires buy used cars, meaning they save money despite the common belief that if you have the money you should spend it.

Audience members were also warned about the debt effect: spending more in order to feel better about the fact that you are in extreme debt.
The term "akrasia," a Greek word, means wanting to do something, but not doing it. This happens a lot with saving money.
Student Tyler Anderson said he came away from the presentation with the message that saving will let you do what you love and still make a difference.

Ryan encouraged attendees to visit the website he has made specifically for Castleton students in order to learn more about finances and money management: .


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