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Op-ed: Social Work: Is it a job for you?

Does today’s reality make you feel overwhelmed? Maybe make you field like there’s nothing you can do about it? Becoming a social worker might just be the answer you’re looking for. We are in unprecedented times. The world is facing a pandemic, civil rights and social justice are being assaulted […]

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Castleton works to bring diversity awareness to campus

  Castleton University brings awareness to diversity on campus by offering programs to educate and celebrate each individual person on campus. Being in Vermont, you’re likely to find a lot of white; white snow, white cars, and white people. In 2017, 94% of the state’s population were white, and currently […]

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Psyched to be back: Castleton international students back on campus

As the United States enters the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us couldn’t imagine traveling overseas anytime soon. Next to the overwhelming fear of exposure, the utter uncertainty of “shelter-in-place” orders has many afraid to leave their house, let alone their home country. This semester, Castleton University’s […]

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Students wary of VSC merger

In 2018, the Vermont State College System underwent a merger of Johnson State College and Lyndon State College into the now Northern Vermont University at Johnson and Lyndon, respectively. Now, the VSCS is considering merging state schools – including Castleton University – into one Vermont State University.  The Community College […]

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K-Pop is a start

For a lot of people, K-Pop gaining traction in the United States didn’t change their lives at all. Some haven’t even heard of it. Some were excited to see their favorite artists becoming popular in their own country. But for me, and for a lot of other Korean Americans like […]


CU wrestling coach receives award

  Ever since growing up with Castleton University Wrestling Coach Scott Legacy, Castleton Assistant Wrestling Coach Jeff Whitesell knew he was bound for greatness. Legacy and Whitesell went to the same grade schools and wrestled together all the way through high school. Upon graduation, Legacy and Whitesell left for separate […]

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CU students help bring Elf Jr. to life

With a looming pandemic this holiday season, many are taking the extra step to keep the cheerful spirits high. It’s a pandemic that has not only decimated those spirits for much of 2020, but it also took a deep toll on the arts scene. Live concerts disappeared. TV show productions […]

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Castleton community reacts to K-Pop

Just a few years ago, K-Pop – or Korean Pop music – started blowing up on global music charts, including the United States. However, the Hallyu wave, or the Korean wave, which refers to the increasing global popularity of Korean culture, started in the 1990’s with the popularity of Korean […]


Some students excited, some nervous about return to in-person classes

  As the fall semester comes to a close, students are reflecting on its oddities, and are cautiously optimistic for changes in the spring. After Castleton University saw a completely virtual fall semester, the school has appointed a new schedule to take place during the spring semester. On Oct. 16, […]