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Senior Sadness

The best way to describe how I was feeling as I packed up my dorm room is numb. I didn’t know how to feel. I was almost in denial. All I could think is, “This shouldn’t be happening right now. It’s only March. I shouldn’t be packing my room already.” […]


Scolforo and Spartans shell-shocked

Castleton University president, faculty and students deal with unwanted transition to online classes and postponement of graduation amid COVID-19 spread. According to dictionary.com, the word “unprecedented” dates back to the year 1641, when House of Commons Speaker John Finch used the word in a speech in support of King Charles […]


From the jar: grunge

A few weeks ago, it was time for me to pick my next challenge out from The Jar. I slipped my hand in and pulled out my next fate. “Grunge for a Day” Nice. My reaction to this was no reaction. I wasn’t particularly excited, but I also wasn’t nervous. […]


Reminiscing about vacations in “the bus”

  Below is a blog from Professor David Blow’s Feature Writing course by Gabriel Schwartz. His is about family adventures. Everybody’s got a story to tell. Some moved 10 times before they got to high school, some are an only child, some were the star athlete of the school and some […]


A Message from president Scolforo

This message was sent out to Castleton University students on Tuesday, March 24 2020. It is being shared via the Spartan as a way to extend the most up to date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as possible to our student body and community.   Dear Castleton Community, Earlier today, […]


Former spartan editor is living with COVID-19 in New York City

Molly DeMellier is a Castleton University alum and former Castleton Spartan editor now working in public relations in New York City, in addition to co-hosting a podcast called “Shooters Gotta Shoot”.  When you first strike a match the serenity of the initial flame makes it almost impossible to imagine that […]


A new me?

  So, I cut my bangs. And I have a reason why. I know it’s silly to be so worked up over a haircut, but it’s a common habit of people to change something about themselves in the face of adversity, and it most typically revolves around hair. Ah, that […]


Bonding with dad over a snowboard

Ever since I was a little kid, starting around 5 or 6, I would watch everything my dad did. I watched him build our garage and woodshed and he even built the house we live in. I wasn’t born yet to watch him do that, but if I was, I […]


Spartan seniors stunned

“Heartbroken” ironically seems to be the best word to describe the general feeling amongst the senior baseball and softball players at Castleton University. With the LEC abruptly cancelling competition for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Spartan seniors Sara Baker, Calli Van Gorden, Jake […]

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Castleton Spartan takes second for best newspaper

David L. Adams Apple Awards Are awarded by the College Media Association (CMA) on a yearly basis, as a “Best of Show” at the CMA Spring Conference. The Castleton University Spartan was awarded the second place award for Best Newspaper at a 4 year institution with under 5,000 undergraduate students […]