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Creative ways students pay

Castleton students describe the struggle of paying for college Auburn Sendra maintains a busy schedule. The media and communication senior works mornings in the tech office in Leavenworth Hall, evenings at the Fireside Café, and holds an internship at PEGTV, working two days a week, five to six hours each […]


NASCAR season opener moved due to weather

Welp, the 2020 NASCAR season opener was washed out by Mother Nature. This isn’t the first time The Great American Race got postponed to a Monday, we saw this back in 2012 as well. The biggest issue that came from this announcement was fans on social media questioning why NASCAR […]


Spreading kindness one act at a time

It was her first day at a new school, and the expectation was that everyone was going to be friendly and kind to one another. What she found out was this; students were walking around with their headphones on, their heads glued to the screen of their phones never once […]


Rose blooming for Spartans

Failing classes. A nagging knee injury. Clear signs of self-doubt. By no means was his first year at Castleton University “ideal.” So how does an individual like Trevor Rose find a way to center himself and get back on track for better things in his life in the span of […]


Valentine’s Day is for all

Love was in the air last weekend as people all over the Castleton campus and beyond celebrated the relationships that mean the most to them. While Valentine’s Day is highly criticized for being a “Hallmark” holiday that appears to exist merely to increase the sale of flowers and fine jewelry […]


Virus strikes fear in students

The flu-like novel coronavirus has killed over 1,700 people in China in recent weeks. This deadly virus has not only induced fear into the citizens of China and many travelers going in and out, but that fear has also made its way to Castleton University. “Some of the new Chinese […]


Bill would take flavor out

A newly introduced bill in the Vermont House of Representatives promises to ban the sale or possession of flavored tobacco products and e-liquids across the state. The proposed bill—also known as H.823—was first read and referred to the Committee on Human Services on Jan. 21 and follows the momentum of […]

From The President

From the president: Students should use Safety App

It comes as no surprise that a 2019 survey conducted by Pew Research Center declares that three-in-ten adults in the United States report that they are “almost constantly” online. Think of all the ways that you use your smartphone, laptops, or other devices: connecting with friends and family through texting […]


Adoption is the best option

As I sit here typing these words, the subject of them is sprawled out before me in the most physically inconvenient manner you could imagine. I couldn’t be happier. For months, my boyfriend and I had been talking about getting another cat. We acquired our first, an 11-year-old shorthair tuxedo […]


Spartans fall short against UMass Boston

The Spartans struggles continue after losing to UMass Boston Beacons 6-3 this past Saturday night at Edward T. Barry Ice rink in Boston. With the loss, the Spartans add to a seven-game losing streak and are 2-8 out of their last ten. “The game against UMass Boston got away from […]