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The crack of a safety seal, the mild fizzing sound of released carbonation and a smell wafting up that can be described as a mix of incense and body odor. Staring down the mouth of a bottle of GT’s Synergy Watermelon Wonder kombucha, I dutifully took my first ever sip. […]


CU/See Me campaign highlights diversity on campus

Roughly a month after its initial announcement, leaders of Castleton University’s CU/See Me initiative are looking forward to the spring after already facilitating a handful of successful events. The initiative focuses on creating programming on the broad topic of diversity, specifically through the perspective of individuals on campus. “There’s a […]


STEPS helps her succeed

Castleton University’s College STEPS program provides individualized college support and opportunities for students living with social, communication or learning challenges. Ellie is one of three students to work with The Spartan newspaper in the program’s history at CU. My name is Ellie Adams and I am a musician/photographer. I am […]


Kris Kringle of Castleton University

You may have noticed the Christmas lights on the themed housing near Castleton Hall, or on the main entrance of Wheeler, or more notable, the Christmas tree driving around campus in the back of a black pickup truck. Well for those who don’t know me, my name is Devin Poslusny, […]


From the president: Explaining snow days

As a child, I loved school. But this time of year, there was just something special about a snow day. Last week, we called our second snow day in three years here at Castleton University. There’s been countless days where snow has blanketed our campus in between. And on those […]


Fresh perspectives: Christmas is different this year, but gnocchi remains

With the holiday frenzy coming up, everyone from students to staff have a holiday story to tell including traditions. My family, in particular, is something you could compare to the Griswold’s. From the station wagon that my grandfather owns to the big family, we’ve got the whole nine yards. Every […]


Why are so many struggling?

I feel helpless. And because of the way my mind works, I want to fix it. And I can’t. And I hate that. I’m not sure why it’s happening, but young people today are stressed, anxious and depressed – and it’s heartbreaking to see it unfold. My students are struggling, […]


And the winner is…

The hustle and bustle of people in and out of the dressing room. The sound of people talking above you to the crowd and judges, trying to win them over. Ryan Boeke and Zach Gebo on stage, shirtless, trying to catch whipped cream in their mouth after they’ve flung it […]


No, Thanks-giving

We are two days away from Thanksgiving Break. That means classes are not meeting for a week, and students are returning home to spend time with their families, indulge in rich food and watch gridiron football. For most students, it’s a chance to see loved ones and to catch up […]


Huden helper creates wave of positivity

Tom Kelly has worked in Huden Dining Hall at Castleton University since 2012, when Sodexo was hired to prepare the school’s meals. And how he got here is an interesting story. Sodexo was looking for a morning supervisor and the manager was in the town bank one day, where Kelly’s […]