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The Comeback Kids

The third quarter is just underway. The ball is on the Castleton 27 yard line. Senior Quarterback Evan Smith is ready to march his team down the field.   Seven plays, 73 yards and a catch by senior Wyatt Jackson in the endzone is how the Spartans kicked off the […]


Strongest person I know

Student details mom’s battle with cancer “You can give the countdown,” is what she said before we would begin our race.  She would say this sentence every time, seemingly to put some sort of responsibility on me. It felt like she had given me a head start in a way […]


An Artist’s Journey

Castleton art professor Oliver Schemm constantly moved around as a kid, growing up in places including Washington D.C, Connecticut, North Carolina, Belgium, Germany and New York.  He owns a German Shepherd terrier mix. He enjoys rock, classic rock and grunge music, naming artists including Led Zeppelin, The Smiths and Nirvana. […]

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Students discuss life after the merger

On Thursday, Aug. 31, Vermont State University at Castleton held its first convocation post-merger, to welcome new and returning students, faculty, staff, and alumni into the Fall ‘24 semester.  The event, hosted by Cathy Kozlik, Dean of the School of Business and Professional Studies, included remarks from administrative leaders, acknowledgement […]


Third Place and beyond for Breting

Third Place Pizzeria has been a staple in the Castleton community for the past five years. And owner Andrew Breting has been working hard to make sure it’s around for years to come – and he’s adding on. Breting is a Castelton alum who has flourished in the food business […]


Finding my kindred spirit

Florida trip to see family leads to discovery of an older me The start Last April, I decided to go on my first Big-Girl trip and fly myself to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle. I needed a relaxing break midway through a taxing semester. Nevermind the fact that […]


Drawing using only an eraser

In this week’s blog, I took on the challenge of drawing with an eraser. I will be creating, yet again, another portrait drawing, except this time I will be filling the page with charcoal – and using an eraser to carve out the face rather than drawing it traditionally with […]


Young golfers taking a swing

As the fall season for the Castleton men’s golf team swings into action, the team has quite a different look this season with a handful of new faces added to the roster.   After losing key contributors from the team last year with the likes of Nick Ojala and Brandon […]

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The Girl Behind ‘Girl Dinner’

Castleton graduate Olivia Maher is the girl behind “Girl Dinner,” a trend that has been sweeping the nation after a TikTok video she posted on May 11, 2023, went viral.   The video consisted of Olivia showing what she was having for dinner — grapes, bread, pickles, and various cheeses  […]


Track and Field aims for New Englands

The men’s Castleton University outdoor track & field team started the season with the expectation of building upon an impressive indoor run. The team posted high marks in the record books from field events to running events. Coach Jay Condon believes his team is poised to perform well in the […]