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Not your average “Soccer Mommy”

So, I love music, and I love it a lot. I’m primarily a fan of heavier music, as I cannot enjoy “today’s top hits.” But, I still enjoy genres like Indie and Alternative. I attended my first concert on Sept. 24, 2021 in Burlington, Vermont. The artist? Soccer Mommy. Now, […]

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What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Alrighty, I’ve been given the green light to share some more sports news. As always, with all the highlights being praised on the news, I’m here to show you the goofs and wacky stuff that make you wonder “what the hell happened?” — Man, what a wild way to cap […]


Day in the life of Jake Rick

Colleges are places of education for people pursuing knowledge and degrees in various different fields of study.  But in the shadows, there are people who work around these institutions so that people can continue to further their education successfully in a pleasant setting.  Jake Rick is a Castleton University grounds […]


We made it, Mom

I remember distinctly the first time I was asked what I wanted to go to college for. My 6th grade science teacher posed it to our class (I guess start ‘em young, right?), and of course I had no idea. Probably for a lot of the same reasons as most […]

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CU students help bring Elf Jr. to life

With a looming pandemic this holiday season, many are taking the extra step to keep the cheerful spirits high. It’s a pandemic that has not only decimated those spirits for much of 2020, but it also took a deep toll on the arts scene. Live concerts disappeared. TV show productions […]


Students try to save environment one straw at a time

In a world where signs of climate change are more prevalent than ever, students at Castleton University had seen enough. Maybe one person alone cannot change the environment we live in today, but they believe if each person played a small part, positive change could be made. It was this […]


CU students hosting toy drive today for needy kids

This afternoon, Castleton University’s Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter will be hosting a Christmas Toy Drive outside of Glenbrook gymnasium. “So we partnered with Fair Haven Concerned and we’re going to be featured as a local holiday hero,” said Shawna Baker, organizer of the event and member of Sigma Alpha Lambda […]


Covid campus equals quiet campus for Public Safety

Everyone knows things are different this semester at Castleton University. But COVID-19 has not just affected the students and faculty. It has also been felt by the people who keep students on campus safe. Public Safety staff and the community advisors in dorms have had to maneuver around all […]

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The F-Word: Fostering in the U.S.

Going to school remotely has posed many challenges, but, for one lucky Castleton University communication class, it meant having the chance to chat with a filmmaker. As media and communication professor Samantha Davis-Boyd created the syllabus for her web series class this semester, one of the first tasks for her […]