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Remembering Uncle Pete

“It’ll just be Nana, Uncle Pete, and the cockroaches at the end of the world.” That’s what we all used to say. It was a testament to how much both my grandmother and my great uncle had been through. All that they had survived. The places they had not only […]


I can’t look at Rittenhouse’s tears

Kyle Rittenhouse stood in front of an incredibly white jury on Wednesday taking heavy breaths and “crying” after admitting that he drove to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a gun, shot and killed two people, and injured one. Rittenhouse was 17 at the time. A minor. Therefore, not legally allowed to have […]

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CU alumni reacts to the VSU merger

The VSC merger has recently been a main topic of conversation, fueling students, faculty, and onlookers to share their opinions regarding this pivotal and controversial change. In addition to the many students and faculty who have shared their perspectives, alums have taken to sharing their abundance of reactions through the […]

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Castleton faculty push back on merger demands, seek “pause”

Overwhelmed and confused Castleton University faculty have asked the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees to “press pause” on the controversial multi-school merger, in a letter sent to the board and Chancellor Sophie Zdatny on Oct. 26. Concerned faculty members addressed grievances and hoped to appeal to the board that reconsideration of the proposed timeline of transformation events is necessary. Information regarding the letter […]


Student poll: dogs vs. cats

Deena Jacunski chose dogs instead of cats without hesitation. Libby Keith, however, said she prefers cats over dogs saying cats offer a more rewarding relationship. Out of a group of 11 students surveyed on the Castleton University campus, six preferred dogs over cats, while five said cats are better. Eve […]

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Addressing rape culture at CU

It was Thursday, Sept. 2 during N-period. Amy Bremel and members of PAC, Peer Advocates for Change, were giving out Got Consent shirts- shirts meant for those to wear to help take a stance against rape culture on campus and promote happy, consensual sex. The shirts were all given away […]

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A massacre never told

Last summer, I began watching a series on HBOMax called “The Watchmen.” Since I teach a section on social justice in my courses at Castleton, I had heard that HBOMax had shown a couple of episodes for free last summer because of the social justice content. What I didn’t expect […]


I’m angry, sad – and scared

Sitting down to write this is, honestly, really hard. I don’t know where to start or how to organize all of the thoughts and feelings I’ve been dealing with the past couple days. Mostly, I’ve felt sad. Sad for those eight people whose lives were ended, sad for their friends […]

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Absolutely dying to dye her hair

As I sat in the brightly lit room waiting for my son’s dentist to come in, I felt a twinge of self-consciousness as I looked around at the blonde mom across the room and the brunette helping Cire brush his teeth.  I uncomfortably played with the string on my sweatpants, […]