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Prison reform curbs systematic injustice

On the morning of Jan. 26, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that effectively called on the Department of Justice to nullify any future contracts with private prisons. The order is one of the many aimed at addressing systemic racism in the United States and will terminate agreements with […]

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Students react to monumental election

Castleton University senior Jac Culpo heard a buzz from his phone. He looked at it and realized America had chosen the next President of the United States.  His phone screen presented the words “Joe Biden is president” and he immediately felt all the stress and anxiety and tension from the last few days leave […]

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Election night reflection

It’s 1:49 a.m. on the night of the election (technically the morning after the election) and I can’t sleep. I tried to distract myself with homework. I tried to distract myself with mindless TV. I tried to distract myself with old videos of Bernie Sanders. I know that the official […]

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Presidential debate disappoints

Millions of Americans tuned in last Tuesday to watch the first presidential debate of 2020. Marybeth Lennox-Levins, associate professor and sport management program coordinator, was one of many who were left stunned by the display seen on the screen.  “It was a bit like running into a brick wall with […]


Time to step up and vote

Millions of eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Millions of registered voters never cast ballots. I often hear, “my vote doesn’t matter, I’m in a [put color here] state.” A destructive and untrue mindset. Each vote has an impact. The elections might not go your way, but you let […]


Students reflect on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday made the Democratic presidential candidate picture a lot clearer – essentially a race between two. Bernie Sanders had no problem sweeping the state of Vermont and got the big delegate prize winning California. But former Vice President Joe Biden was really the big winner, taking 10 states and […]

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CU profs. review CJ reform

Criminal justice reform in Vermont is an issue that has been steadily gaining momentum and action in the community, especially over the last several years. This ongoing discussion of what criminal justice in Vermont should look like has the distinct possibility of sparking some radical changes to the system, from […]


Students discuss efforts to impeach Trump

As the nation watches the impeachment proceedings unfold, it becomes apparent just how consequential the impacts of this event may be. Whatever results from it, the topic of impeachment seems to eclipse many other stories in the news these days. But does the presidential impeachment bear as much relevance and […]