CU Alums tell their story for Women’s History Month

When Carol Surface was graduating high school, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her life. She wanted to dance in the corps de ballet in a well-known dance company. Her parents however, had other plans.  They told her that she was free to follow her dreams, but […]


Castleton alums reflect on surviving the loss of a parent

  Grieving the loss of a parent is difficult and dreaded at any age, but for most college-aged individuals, the thought is often miles away.  But several Castleton University alums have stepped forward to discuss what it has been like to lose a parent so early in life and how […]


Student starts Zoom study group for English class

  Many students around the country have made adjustments and have worked to create a way to communicate without working face to face, yet some still struggle with this. Some students have even taken a year off to cope with the pandemic while others struggle to push forward in their […]


A Q&A with Lily Doton

Lily Doton is Media and Communication major at Castleton University. She was born in Korea, and was adopted by a family of Vermonters from Barnard when she was a baby. The 22-year-old  just started writing seriously this past semester, and finds comfort in sharing her stories. She is passionate about […]


Traveling safely during a pandemic

When you think of COVID-19, does traveling come to mind?  For most people, it’s the last thing on their mind. And for a while, it was for me, too.  After a busy winter with my company, I felt burnt out and needed to get away from the same region of […]

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Wrestlers unable to compete at National Tournament

Castleton University’s wrestling team was absent from the NWCA national wrestling tournament in Iowa last week, due to an administrative decision based on the COVID-19 pandemic that has left qualified wrestlers without the opportunity to showcase their skills nationally.  Spartan wrestlers Max Tempel and Michael Gonyea were tapped to compete […]

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Absolutely dying to dye her hair

As I sat in the brightly lit room waiting for my son’s dentist to come in, I felt a twinge of self-consciousness as I looked around at the blonde mom across the room and the brunette helping Cire brush his teeth.  I uncomfortably played with the string on my sweatpants, […]

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NASCAR Cup Series returns to the dirt

On March 28, 2021, the NASCAR Cup Series will race in Bristol, Tennessee, dubbed “The Last Great Coliseum,” for its tall, stadium-style seating arrangements.  The concrete half- mile, high-banked track has been the sight of some of American auto racing’s most exciting moments, and this year’s spring event will be […]