A journey to Bernie

It was a Saturday morning. My friends and I were in the midst of an already-long weekend after traveling to Lake George, New York the day before for a conference. I was exhausted. It had been a busy week. I was ready to get back to my warm dorm room […]


Spreading kindness one act at a time

It was her first day at a new school, and the expectation was that everyone was going to be friendly and kind to one another. What she found out was this; students were walking around with their headphones on, their heads glued to the screen of their phones never once […]

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Alum unveils new play

It was late in the evening on Friday night. Students start filing into the dance studio, getting ready for what the night has in store for them. Daniel Jackson, an actor, sits in the corner by himself reading over his script. Adam Murray, the stage manager, sets up black boxes […]

Michael Talbott crouched in front of a home, planting a "Talbott for alderman" campaign sign.
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Prof. Talbott is running for alderman

It all started with a downed tree. In most places, if you see a tree blocking a road, most people would back up, find another way around and wait for the town to pick it up. But on that day in Vermont, it was a story. Michael Talbott was driving […]


Spartan staff reflects on the holiday season

Spartan Copy Editor Caton Deuso Most people think about their experiences as a child when they’re asked to reflect on their favorite Christmas. Not me though. Just a couple years ago was my favorite Christmas for one soul reason. I bought so many gifts for my parents. At the time, […]


Kris Kringle of Castleton University

You may have noticed the Christmas lights on the themed housing near Castleton Hall, or on the main entrance of Wheeler, or more notable, the Christmas tree driving around campus in the back of a black pickup truck. Well for those who don’t know me, my name is Devin Poslusny, […]


CU profs build life together

Stephanie Wilson sits in her office by her computer. Her husband, Andrew Wilson, sits across from her on the other side of the desk. It’s his office as well. The two joke around, taking jabs at each other and rolling their eyes, but each time it always ends with a […]


The songbird of Leavenworth

Have you ever been walking down the first floor of Leavenworth Hall and heard a booming singing voice coming from a classroom? If you have, then you have witnessed one of “Mr. Bill” Wiles’ wonderful ways of connecting with his students. If you have taken an English class with “Mr. […]


CU loves Charlie

Imagine coming to a completely different country barley knowing how to speak the native language and having to learn everything from scratch. Yuchen Zhou, known on the Castleton University campus as “Charlie,” is a 22-year-old education leadership major from China with a 4.0 GPA. She is also an SOS leader, […]


Campus cat goes by many names, brings students together

A cat has been roaming Castleton’s campus, and it is unknowingly bringing the campus and community together. The brown cat, which  started visiting campus around the beginning of fall, pops out from the bushes while students are walking to class, looking for head scratches and tummy pats. But people don’t […]