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Remembering Uncle Pete

“It’ll just be Nana, Uncle Pete, and the cockroaches at the end of the world.” That’s what we all used to say. It was a testament to how much both my grandmother and my great uncle had been through. All that they had survived. The places they had not only […]

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They know fashion: Students express themselves through style

A boy in hot pink go-go boots and a handmade Beetlejuice-inspired jacket sits at the picnic table outside of Leavenworth. It’s clear right away that he stands out from the crowd. “Great outfit!” a student said while walking by. Daniel Jackson, a senior and musical theater major, thanks the student […]

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Alum distressed by name change

I grew up in Castleton. I attended the local schools and attended Scamp Camp over the summers at the community center. In high school, I attended Upward Bound and stayed in Babcock Hall at then-Castleton State College. I think I still have a VHS tape checked out from the library […]

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Students Analyze ‘Squid Game’

Netflix thinks it knows us. It thinks it knows what shows and what movies we will enjoy. Whether it’s a 98% match or a trending new original, Netflix thinks you will watch it and get you hooked. This blog will put Netflix to the test to see if these shows […]


House that Hannah built: towels and true love

The year after college is this strange time where you’re an adult, starting to earn real money and paying very real bills, but you also have no idea what the hell you are doing all while trying to build a life and family. Or so I hear from my live-in […]

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A massacre never told

Last summer, I began watching a series on HBOMax called “The Watchmen.” Since I teach a section on social justice in my courses at Castleton, I had heard that HBOMax had shown a couple of episodes for free last summer because of the social justice content. What I didn’t expect […]

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Letter to the Editor: Kinder Way Farm

Dear Castleton Community: The world we live in today is brutal. We live in a time where hatred far exceeds the importance of love and compassion for our neighbors. But in a world of darkness, a bright light of hope shines just around the corner from Castleton on a small […]

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What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Welcome to “What the Hell Happened,” where I’ll be breaking down blunders, bloopers, and fails in the world of sports. Because for every highlight reel play, there’s always something really stupid that makes you ask “what the hell happened?” Kickin’ it off, we got some bad fielding in the baseball […]


Students plan a summer to make up for last year

  Summer is approaching us, everyone is getting excited more than ever, and a lot of people older than 12 years of age are getting vaccinated for COVID-19.  People are making fun, relaxing plans for the summer. It is going to be way more eventful than last year. Ben Thompson, […]


Word on the Street

Question: What was the most difficult part of the semester?     Julie Leppo “I’m a CA on campus. And it was really hard to be able to get to know any of my residents and make meaningful connections. We’re so secluded in our office, because we’re in the houses […]