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Mixed feelings about Metallica’s new album

Metallica recently released its 11th studio album, titled “72 Seasons,” and oh boy do I have some mixed feelings about it. First off, let it be known that I fell in love with Metallica through their ’80s music, which was defined by speed, chugging palm-muted guitar riffs, wild vocals and […]

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Pitch clock changes baseball

Anyone who is following Major League Baseball even the slightest bit has heard the news of the new pitch-clock that was added into the game during spring training this year. This addition to the game was immediately met with a lot of backlash from fans, and has really divided fans. […]


Stranded in Canada: COVID kept Spanish student from getting home

It’s was busy Sunday morning at Huden Dining hall in mid-March 2020 at Castleton University.  It wasn’t unusual to hear stories about the night prior or a recap of the wildest adventures of the weekend and hear girls laugh while they match stories to figure out how they all got […]

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Normal feels pretty damn good

The schools were closing. Planes were being grounded. Stores were mobbed by desperate shoppers. I very vividly remember sitting on the couch with my family in early March, when it all had just begun, asking my parents, “Hey, did anything like this happen when you were a kid?”  No. No, […]

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Smith’s slap has lasting impacts

Doesn’t it feel like Will Smith has become irrelevant after his infamous slap during the 2022 Oscars? He’s human and humans are meant to make mistakes, but his mistake feels like it’s cost him his juice. The happiest people tend to be those with no regrets.  Now, I know Smith […]

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Reviving the radio station

The Radio Club is back! We broadcast on the virtual airwaves 24/7, 365 days a year with no interruptions. As the president of this institution, I’ve taken it upon myself to make you all aware of our various goals. Currently we are streaming live on twitch and an internet radio […]

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Get rid of the ‘basic’ vs. ‘alt’ comparisons

      Two of the major style groups that have become prominent in today’s society are labeled as “basic” and “alt,” or “alternative.” Not only does this push an “us vs. them” narrative, but it furthers the internalized misogyny that women face every day.  I have noticed, especially on […]


Birthday, baby and new semester

I’m writing this last minute in the final half-hour of my 27th birthday. The day passed uneventfully and selfishly; what more could one, so steadfast on the track to their 30s, ask for? I received plenty of well wishes from family and friends through texts and calls, reporting happily that […]