Author: Devin Poslusny


Graduating student eyes media future

Graduating and leaving a college you love can be hard and scary for anyone. What does the future hold? What is next? How long until I have to pay back loans? All are things that run through a college graduate’s mind. But what is it like when you are graduating […]


Two students share their struggles with chronic illness

Josie Gawrys When I wake up in the morning, it’s not so different from what other college students do. I grumble about having to get out of bed and start the day. I didn’t sleep well and I’m tired.  I don’t mean to invalidate the real exhaustion of other students. […]


Word on the Street

Question: What was the most difficult part of the semester?     Julie Leppo “I’m a CA on campus. And it was really hard to be able to get to know any of my residents and make meaningful connections. We’re so secluded in our office, because we’re in the houses […]


Castleton survivors share stories of sexual trauma

In mid-April, the film “Promising Young Woman” took home an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The film centers around a woman who tries to avenge the rape of her best friend, which was brushed off on her college campus.  The film brings up many conversations of sexual assaults on […]


I did it for them

I was staring at the hospital ceiling somehow believing if I screamed louder, it would hurt less or be over sooner. My breaths became jagged as I feared I couldn’t handle what lied ahead.  Anxiety had set in.   The midwife stared into my eyes and urged me to calm […]


Editor craved Spartan closure

  A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea of inviting some former members of the Spartan staff to attend a Spartan meeting, just to see what’s up and give their advice to current staff members.  The idea blossomed into a Spartan alumni panel, where they can share […]


It could have been me: Violence and Asian bias

Sometimes feelings stay with you no matter how irrational they may seem to yourself or to other people.  I feel like, at this point, everyone knows I’ve been nervous about how non-Asian people will perceive and react to me during this pandemic.  I’ve been told to “go back to China” […]


CU Media Writing class composes book

During the Fall 2020 semester, professor David Blow’s Media Writing students wrote COVID Chronicles blogs, which are now being sold as a book. Blow created the biweekly blog assignment for his students when he was dreading teaching a full semester online due to the pandemic. The students were able to […]


Softball downs Eastern Connecticut, eyes conference tournament birth

  Spartan softball coach Eric Ramey knew the home stretch of his team’s schedule would be a challenge. The final six games going into last weekend all feature Little East Conference opponents, and wins are necessary for the Spartans to advance into the six-team LEC tournament later this month. “It’s […]


Senior excited for new job at CEDRR

When Brooke Rubright first transferred to Castleton University as a sophomore in the fall of 2018, it was mostly because she missed her family in Salisbury, Vermont and the interpersonal connections small town life has to offer.  Now a graduating senior, Rubright has returned to her community not just as […]